When will ice break?

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What this is about

On this website, you can see how artificial intelligence recognizes ice and snow in streams of water. You can use your own photo, or monitor the amount of ice in different parts of Finland.

Ice in Finland

Have a look at the amount of ice and snow in Finland across our monitored locations

Upload your photo

Upload your own photo here and let artificial intelligence detect the amount of ice and snow

Consortium partners

Finnish Environment Institute
National Land Survey of Finland
University of Turku
University of Oulu
Aalto University
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Delivered by Profetia Solutions Oy , AVESTOA, and Finnish Environment Institute in collaboration with Centres for Economic Development, Transportation and the Environment (ELY-Centres). The project has also received funding from Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry (MVTT) association and the Hydro-RI-Platform project, which is funded by Research Council of Finland and European Union – NextGenerationEU.